5 Benefits of Choosing Self-Catering Accommodation for Your Next Holiday in Suffolk

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Deciding where to stay on your holiday can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

Self-catering cottages in Suffolk provide many advantages to holidaymakers that can make your break more relaxing and enjoyable.

Here are our top five benefits of choosing self-catering accommodation for your next holiday in Suffolk.

1. A home from home

It’s often the little touches that make self-catering holiday accommodation stand out. Extras such as a washing machine and cooker can really help you make the most of your holiday. There’s no need to pack lots of clothes or take the dirty washing home with you.

If you have young children, there’s no need to change their routine whilst you’re away. This results in a more relaxing experience for both the children and parents.

You can also come and go as you please, just like you would in your own home.

2. Freedom and flexibility

A holiday is a chance to relax, which some people may find difficult to do if they are restricted by set meal times. With self-catering holiday accommodation, you can eat breakfast whenever you feel like it.

Self-catering cottages also give you the freedom to explore the area where you are staying and have a comfortable, homely place to come back to after a day of exploring. Many guests that stay in hotel complexes miss out on what the surrounding environment has to offer.

3. Privacy

Nobody wants to be kept awake on holiday by noisy neighbours coming back to their hotel room in the early hours of the morning. Self-catering cottages provide a relaxing environment where you won’t be disturbed. It’s the perfect way to get some “us” time as a family or couple behind the privacy of closed doors or the peace of an enclosed outdoor space.

4. Pet-friendly

For dog lovers, taking a break with the family includes four-legged members too. Why should your pup miss out on all the fun? Self-catering cottages clearly state in the description which ones are pet-friendly, giving you peace of mind that your furry friend will be welcome and can join in with the family activities.

5. Great value for money

  • Price – the cost of a self-catering home is a set price, regardless of whether two or four people are staying. This means that you can split the cost without having to pay for extra rooms like you would at a hotel.
  • Space – Instead of being cooped up in a hotel room, self-catering cottages provide ample amounts of living space, a kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms and sometimes even outdoor areas to enjoy.
  • Save money on food – eating out every night of your holiday or getting a takeaway can be expensive. Make the most of the facilities in your self-catering accommodation by preparing and cooking meals in the comfort of your holiday home. As you choose what you eat, you’re in control of the budget.

Explore our range of self-catering cottages in Suffolk and find your perfect holiday retreat today.