Guide to buying a used caravan

If you are considering living a life filled with freedom, then you’ll need a caravan. There are many different models and types of caravans available, and you’ll notice this once you begin browsing

used caravans for sale. However, with so many to choose from, it is important that you make the right decision, so our guide will help you choose a caravan that is perfect for you and your needs.

Consider the type of caravan you need

Whilst the cost and size are important, it is also vital to ensure that the caravan you choose feels right inside. This means that you will need to consider the layout as well as the number of berths you require while it is important to make sure that you have the right vehicle to tow it.

Check for damp

Damp can be a big problem for caravans, and this is one of the most important checks you need to make, so the first thing you should ‘look’ for is the smell of damp. Now you should check the bed boxes and corners as well as inside cupboards. Check seals around door frames and windows while you should also look for signs of external damage.

Check the doors and windows

You should ensure that the hinges and locks are secure, and that doors and windows can open and close freely. The door should close tightly and should be watertight to ensure there are no leaks. Look for cracks or crazing in roof vents and windows as well as internal condensation as fixing these problems can prove costly.

Check underneath the caravan

You should take a look underneath the caravan to check for rust and to ensure that the chassis is in good condition. Along with this, you should also check the hitch and the suspension while signs of new paint should be explored. The hitch mechanism should have no issues when moving while there should be no splits in the rubber gaiter. Give the steadies a wind up and down to ensure they move freely and check the handbrake to ensure that the mechanism works correctly.

Gas and electrics

If you have no gas or a faulty electrical system, then you won’t be able to use your caravan. Faulty systems can prove extremely dangerous so it is important that you check them over and if you are unsure, you should have a professional check them out. Furthermore, you should look to see if any DIY repair works have been carried out on electrical or gas systems as this will render them dangerous and should be avoided.

Check the history and carry out a HPI check

You should expect to see a service history for the caravan, and this can be seen in receipts and invoices for work that has been carried out. You can also ask the owner about the caravan and how it has been used recently.

Finally, for any caravan that was manufactured after 1992, it will be registered on the Caravan Identification Scheme. You will find the 17-digit number located on the chassis and on some models, it is etched into the windows. So, by carrying out a HPI check it will enable you to confirm the identity of the caravan and find out whether there is any finance outstanding, has been reported as stolen or previously been classed as written off.

Purchasing a caravan is a big decision and can cost a lot of money. Therefore, it makes sense to carry out the necessary checks to ensure that the caravan you are purchasing is right in every possible way.