How to care for your swim spa

Investing in a swim spa is a great opportunity to enjoy some fantastic exercise, whilst also having the added benefit of the option to relax and put your feet up in the warm water. This combination has made swim spas extremely popular here in the UK and across the world, and thus popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

However, to ensure that you always get the most out of your swim spa it’s imperative that you always care and maintain it to a high standard.

Are you wondering where to start with the maintenance of your swim spa? This blog post could help as we ask the experts at Hot Tub Barn their top tips for caring for a swim spa.

Keep on top of the cleaning

It goes without saying but anything that stays in the garden will have to be cleaned on a regular basis- including a swim spa or hot tub. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a cover on it, keeping the tub clean will ensure that it remains hygienic for the next time you use it.

You should carry out a deep clean of its parts and components every three to four months, alongside wiping down the insides and removing debris as regularly as possible. This includes wiping the sides, pillows, seats and the shell in its entirety.

Keeping the swim spa clean will also help it last a lot longer and increase its lifespan so you can get even more enjoyment from it over the years.

Refill the system

Every four months you should drain and refill the system completely. This is to ensure that you are using fresh water and prevents the build-up of unwanted bacteria deep within the system itself. You will also need to add freshwater treatment products at this stage too.

Each swim spa will have its own instructions on how to complete this, but it is a very important aspect of maintaining your tub.

Test the water

Water can harbour bacteria and bugs which could ultimately make people sick. This is why it’s imperative that you test the water every couple of months to ensure that it’s operating at a hygienic level.

Your swim spa should come with its own water testing kit, which will be a simple straightforward test to carry out. Once you know the results you can amend the amount / type of water treatment products you use.

Maintain or replace any old parts

It’s important to keep an eye on all the different components which make up your swim spa and consider when some may need replacing. If you have faulty parts on your tub, it could cause lots of issues and mean it’s not working as effectively as possible.

Get the professionals in

If you don’t fancy carrying out the cleaning or maintenance yourself, there are plenty of professional companies who carry out this type of work every day. Using a professional means that you know you’re getting a deep clean from an expert and takes the pressure off you!