Things to do in Seoul

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is known for being an alluring city apart from its name being famous in the Summer Olympics of 1988. If you are planning for this beautiful, heritage filled city, then travel to Seoul with the most convenient and comfortable way. There are a host of things you can do in the city; we have listed just a few.

  1. Walking along the traditional Gyeongbukgung palace: The beautiful palace was built in 1945 and suffered partial destruction due to Japanese invasions. You may enjoy the change of guards, the most phenomenal event, occurring between 10AM and 2PM, while you dress in traditional hanboks. The hanbok is available on rental, and quite economic wear that would reflect the Korean culture.
  2. Going over the Bukchon Hanok village: Visit the Bukchon village, a traditional Korean village, derived from the Korean word meaning North village. You will enjoy traditional houses names Hanok and a cute area dominated by people. You may pick a map from outside the Angkok station in case you arrive by a metro. You may have a splendid photoshoot here in this place.
  3. Heading over to Myeong Dong for satiating shopping spree: If you want to enjoy shopping, visit Myeong Dong, where you will find the latest Korean cosmetics, clothes and shoes as well. You will find several dining options specializing in Western, Korean and Japanese cuisine. In case you are not a great fan of shopping these little things, the view of the busy street, people and the candid moments will always be a worthwhile memory.
  4. Admiring the lovely city from Seoul tower: The North Seoul Tower, also known as the Namsan Seoul tower used to be the broadcast centre back in 1969, now open to the visitors. You may have the magnificent view of the city form this mighty tower. You may avoid the physical queue to buy the skip the line ticket with no need struggling with transportation up the hill.
  5. Visiting the Namdaemum market, the favorite of the locals: Visit the trendiest market, that is spread over 66,000 square meters sheltering over 10,000 vendors, retailers and wholesalers. Find and buy some cheap souvenirs, food supplies and electronic goods. This is a market mainly meant for the locals. You will simply enjoy a walk through the maze of shops in this line.
  6. Visiting and eating at the themed café: The most exciting part of your Seoul trip might be a visiting a themed café. There are various café that has exciting themes. Seoul has everything to offer you from cat, dog cafes and even poop themed cafes. You may even enjoy at a Sherlock Holmes themed restaurant.
  7. Taking a round at the Changdeokgung palace: This is a part of the five grand palaces that was built by the Joseon dynasty kings. This building too suffered damage during the Japanese invasion. The rear part of the garden is the resting place for the royal family.
  8. Buying some Korean beauty products: you may hang around the streets of Seoul to do some shopping, something like cosmetics. You will find all sort of applications, lipstick, gel and foundations. You will see various brands along the line of the shops, jostling spaces. You might be pampered with free samples, but you are not obliged to buy always.
  9. Visit the Gangnam district: This place is located quite near to the river Han, and the meaning is known as the South of river. Well, the term is very famous as we all know about the ‘Gangnam style. The place is known as the people are quite trendy, stylist and love to follow specific lifestyle. Visit the Gangnam station where you might see people dance to the tunes of the special music video.
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