Three Reasons the Ferretti 800 Yacht Remains Popular to This Day

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The Ferretti 800, a former model from Ferretti Yachts debuted in 2010, continues to enchant owners and charter guests with her distinct blend of elegance, spaciousness, and performance. The Ferretti 800, created in partnership with Studio Zuccon International Project and Ferretti Group’s AYT Advanced Yacht Technology, achieves an optimal blend of innovative design and technical excellence. She remains a popular model from Ferretti Yachts, measuring 24.7 metres in length, 6.28 metres in beam, and 1.88 metres in draft. Here, we’ll look at three of the key reasons why the Ferretti 800 is still so popular today.

Elegant design.

The Ferretti 800 remains popular because to her winning design by Studio Zuccon International Project, which combines classical and contemporary features to produce a visually appealing flybridge. The dome’s bronze finish, combined with the glazing’s characteristic geometric lines, gives her an elegant, sporty, and contemporary appearance. Large windows dominate the external profile, offering not only aesthetic appeal but also allowing maximum natural light into the interiors. The attention to detail extends to the interior, where high-quality materials like elm wood, leather, and fine fabrics add to the sumptuous feel. The Ferretti 800’s beautiful appearance makes it stand out in any harbour, combining style and sophistication with a bit of Italian flare.

Spacious layout.

Another distinguishing characteristic of the Ferretti 800 is its extremely spacious layout, which rivals that of larger yachts. Her clever design maximises space, providing large living areas for comfort and convenience. Because to the large windows, the main salon is bathed with natural light, providing a bright and welcoming atmosphere. The salon easily transitions into the dining area, ensuring a smooth flow throughout, making it ideal for hosting, relaxing, and socialising. Under deck, the Ferretti 800 can accommodate up to eight overnight guests in four well-appointed cabins. The full-beam master suite, VIP cabins, and guest cabins are designed with plenty of storage and ensuite facilities, making it a comfortable getaway for everyone onboard. The crew rooms near the bow are designed to be private and efficient, adding to the ship’s large feel.

High performance.

Performance is more than just a feature; it is the foundation of the Ferretti 800’s long-lasting popularity. With twin MAN 1800 engines, she can reach a top speed of 31 knots and a pleasant cruising speed of 24 knots. The innovative hull design and cutting-edge navigational systems ensure a smooth and stable voyage, even in the most severe sea conditions. Equipped with zero-speed stabilisers, she provides comfort for her owners and guests while anchored. With a combination of speed, stability, and efficiency, the Ferretti 800 is not only a gorgeous yacht, but also a high-performing one capable of providing thrilling adventures on the sea.

The Ferretti 800‘s ageless appeal demonstrates Ferretti Yachts’ commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. Her unique combination of artistic beauty, practical spaciousness, and exceptional performance keeps her a favourite among those looking for a dependable and luxury flybridge to enjoy the wide waters.